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To enable the PopKey keyboard on your device, perform the following steps:

How to install the PopKey app

Enabling 'Allow Full Access'

How to give the PopKey app full access


Why can't the keyboard auto-insert the GIF into my messages?

This is currently a technical limitation within Apple APIs, and we felt copy and paste was ultimately the best alternative.

Why would I create an account?

You can always use PopKey as a guest but creating an account allows for a more personalized experience. You will be able to save GIFs to favorites and upload your own GIFs. Also, if you switch devices your favorite GIFs are not lost. It also allows us to keep you informed of new content, features and user driven functionality.

Are you selling my data to anyone?

No, absolutely not! Any data we collect is to either communicate directly with you ourselves, or to enhance your in-app experience as we release updates.

Does PopKey work with Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts?

Yes! PopKey works seamlessly with both Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts.

Does PopKey work with Twitter?

You can share GIFs to Twitter within the PopKey app.

Does PopKey work with WhatsApp?

No. PopKey works with many third party texting apps that support pasting of animated GIFs, but it’s up to each individual 3rd party app to decide what functionality is supported. At this time WhatsApp is not supported.

Why does your privacy policy say you collect device information?

In order to diagnose any errors or app crashes, PopKey is able to detect the type of device and version of iOS that was running at the time. We cannot see anything that directly identifies YOU. We cannot see the MAC address, unique device identifier, IMEI or phone number (unless you provided it during onboarding).

Anything else PopKey has access to (phonebook or image storage applications) is only with your consent.

I have 'Allow Full Access' set to on, and PopKey is instructing me to allow full access. What do I do?

There is currently a known issue in iOS 8 where custom keyboards periodically lose full access.

To fix this, switch off the 'Allow Full Access' toggle, and then switch it on again. Below is a video showing exactly how to fix this scenario:

Will the GIFs use up all the storage on my phone?

No, the GIFs are never stored on your phone, all of them, including any My GIFs are stored in the cloud and retrieved on-demand when you copy them.

Can everyone see all of My GIFs?

No, they are private to only your keyboard. The PopKey app does not share your GIF keyboard information, or any information, with other users.

Help! GIFs are not animating within Messages. Why?

Some GIFs have a larger file size and it will take more time for certain apps to load them into memory. In our experience and user testing, Messages is one of these apps and the time to animate will vary from device to device. You can always tap on the GIF within the message to view it in its full form. To read more on this, please see our Privacy Policy.

Why is 'Allow Full Access' required to be on?

Storing all the GIFs within the keyboard would result in a rather large application. To avoid this, the keyboard communicates with PopKey services in order to retrieve the GIFs and to do so requires 'Allow Full Access' to be on.

We understand that Apple’s default message for “allow full access” can be concerning, It sounds scary - even to us! The warning is standard across all third party keyboards.

We cannot read any of your previous texts or see any past activity like purchases or sent emails, and we cannot track any of your conversations, keystrokes, credit card info etc.

We do not (and cannot) track what you do on your main keyboard or any other keyboard. PopKey can only track what GIFs are being used at an anonymous and aggregated level. This anonymous data helps us to improve the service, but that’s the extent of what we’re able to do.

Here's an article that explains the whole "allow access" thing in more detail:

Know that you can use our keyboard with confidence knowing that we respect your privacy and have no ability or interest to track your conversations, passwords or payment information.

What if I have no internet connection, can I still use PopKey?

While you won't be able to browse or share GIFs, PopKey features a full QWERTY keyboard that you may still use when you do not have an internet connection.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Within the PopKey companion app tap on Log In, and then tap 'Forgot Password'. This will begin the process of resetting your password.

How can a user delete their account?

If you wish to delete your account, please email

Will this use up my data?

GIFs that are sent via iMessage (iOS to iOS) over WIFI will not, but in any other case it will be sent as an MMS message.

Will it always be the same set of GIFs?

GIFs in channels will constantly be added to and we are always in the process of curating the best content. Content in the 'Featured' section will be updated based on current trends and include highly curated individual channels.

Is there an Android version?

We know Android users would love to have PopKey on their devices! While an Android version is certainly on our radar, right now our focus is on additional iOS version updates so we can create the best user experience possible.

Can I use PopKey on my iPod?


Can I copy GIFs into emails?


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